No Regrets is currently clearing Sanctum of domination on Normal and killing some heroic bosses along the way. Normal 9/10 and Heroic 2/10

At this moment all classes will be considered as we could use a few more spaces filled in our raid roster.

Our main focus is to construct and maintain a cool and entertaining raiding environment, so hard-core progress is not in our plans. We're all mature players who like to just have fun and kill some bosses along the way.

We remain open to any casual players, since a big guild is a an enjoyable guild! So, if you are in Shattered Hand (or Bloodfeather , Burning Steppes, Kor'gall and Executus) give us a shout!

When do we raid?

  • Thursday & Tuesday, 19:30 to 22:00 (Server Time)

Background info

No Regrets is a guild located on Shattered Hand EU.

Created in 2005 on Burning Legion EU by the current core, it has moved around to find new potential among the playerbase.

Being a guild that originated back in 2005, we are one of the oldest guilds still alive and raiding, and we take great pride in our active and loyal core!

With this core also comes the great experience that has been accumulated over the years, thus enabling efficient guild-management and raid-leading!


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Alternatively, reach out one of the Commanders, on our discord server!

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